How To Increase the ROI of Your Abacoa Home

Stacie Ahee

If you are planning to sell your Abacoa home in the near future, you can increase its ROI by making some improvements. Additionally, you will enjoy extra features and comfort before selling the house if you currently occupy it. Not sure where to start regarding increasing the ROI of your Abacoa home? Read on to get some timeless ideas.

Use these tips to increase your home’s ROI

Make it more energy efficient

Nowadays, people are very conscious of energy efficiency. Most homebuyers are looking for energy-efficient homes since they are eco-friendly and significantly reduce utility bills. The ROI you get after making your home energy-efficient largely relies on which energy-efficient improvements you make.

When it comes to making a home energy-efficient, there are so many options available. These include:
You can also involve a home energy auditor to help determine the best ways to improve your home's energy efficiency levels. 

Do a kitchen remodel

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home, especially for people with families. Ask any real estate agent, and they will tell you that a kitchen's impact on a home's value is very significant and can never be ignored.

Some simple ways to update a kitchen include:
  • Replacing the light fixtures with more modern ones
  • Repainting the kitchen walls
  • Replacing the countertops with modern ones
  • Replacing the appliances with smart, restaurant-grade appliances
  • Replacing the flooring

Do a bathroom remodel

Remodeling the bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the return on investment of your home.

And the best part? There’s no need to redo the entire bathroom. With only a few touch-ups, you can significantly improve the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom(s). Some of the things you can do include:
  • Adding a fresh layer of paint
  • Replacing the light fixtures with more modern ones
  • Replacing the knobs of the drawers with trendy ones
  • Replacing the vanity with a more natural and serene one
  • Installing heated floors
Adding an extra bathroom can also increase the ROI of your home significantly. Nowadays, people prefer homes with several bathrooms for the convenience they offer.

Update the floors

Buyers are very observant about the floors of a home. They want to know what they’re made of, their durability, and the level of maintenance they require. If the floors of your home are not in good condition or require a lot of maintenance, consider replacing them to improve the ROI of your home.

Hardwood floors tend to be the most preferred and have been for many years. They are sturdy and easy to maintain, making them ideal for the busy areas of a home. Luxury vinyl is also another option greatly loved by many people. Like hardwood floors, luxury vinyl floors are sturdy and suitable for high-traffic areas.

However, if your flooring still has some life left or your budget doesn’t allow for a complete replacement, you might consider refinishing to help add new life and vibrancy.

Replace the garage door

According to Remodeling Magazine, replacing your garage door can help you recoup 94% of your investment, making it one of the home improvement projects with the highest ROI. A typical garage door usually has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Replacing it is probably a good idea if yours is older than this. However, if the door is still in good condition, repainting it will work just fine.

You can also insulate the door to better control the temperatures inside the garage and surrounding rooms.

Replace the front door

Replacing the front door is another way to increase your home's ROI. When a potential buyer walks into your home, the front door is one of the first features they will set their eyes on.

When replacing the front door, go for an aesthetically pleasing and durable one, such as a steel door. These doors have a sleek appearance and offer improved insulation. They also provide increased protection, are more durable, and are weather resistant.

Update the security and safety features

After doing all the other upgrades in your home and making it more luxurious, don't forget to work on the safety and security features. These features not only increase the ROI of a home  but also add enhanced security.

A home security camera is one of the security features you can consider. Other safety features such as smoke detectors are also good. Such features appeal to buyers as they make the home more move-in ready and offer peace of mind.

Create an additional space

Creating an additional space is another effective idea for increasing your home's ROI. This could be an extra bedroom, recreation room, or storage space. You don't always have to construct an extra room. However, you might need to involve a construction expert for some of these projects. You also need to check whether zoning restrictions allow you to add an extra room either outwards or upwards before this.

Repaint the home (interior and exterior)

Repainting your home is one of the easiest, most affordable, yet most effective ways to increase its ROI. The original paint may not be in excellent condition if you have had your home for several years. Faded or chipped paint may make a prospective client develop a bad impression of a home. Repainting it can give the house a brand-new look and even make it look newer.

Be sure to paint the home a few months or weeks before selling it. This way, the paint is fresh, and you can avoid the need to repaint it before moving out. Don't forget to use high-quality paint. Low-quality paint will easily chip and require you to repaint sooner.

Work on the landscaping

A well-planned landscape can greatly increase the value of a home. It also improves its aesthetic appearance greatly. When planning a landscaping remodel, start with the lawn if you have one. Ensure that the grass is growing uniformly and there are no bare patches. Planting flowers and keeping them neat is another way of improving the landscape.

However, installing and maintaining a properly-planned landscape can be hard work, and you can easily neglect it. Working with a landscaping company can make your work easier.

Installing landscape lighting is another creative way of enhancing your landscape. Invest in some good, unique, and energy-efficient lighting and place them strategically throughout the landscape.

Some people also add a pool to enhance the landscape of a home. However, be very careful when installing one as some buyers don't like pools due to the high maintenance they require.

Make use of the unused space

Does your home have a space that has not been dedicated for a single use? You can make use of that space and improve the ROI of your home. Some of the spaces you can think of include the attic or a bonus room you have never decided what to do with.

You can turn these spaces into something useful, such as:
  • Study room
  • Home office
  • Game room
  • Gym
  • Guest bedroom

Work with an Abacoa real estate agent

It is possible to increase the ROI of your home by making some improvements. And since you can't make all the improvements, you may want to work with a real estate agent to strategically choose which updates will have the most impact. By doing so, you will make your home appealing, functional, and move-in ready. You will also give buyers reasons to spend more on it.

Are you looking for a real estate agent to help sell your Abacoa home? Contact Stacie Ahee and her team from The Ahee Group. Stacie is a reliable real estate agent committed to assisting people in selling and buying homes with ease. She understands how much of a hassle selling a home can be but is here to make the process easy and fast.


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